05 October 2011

a tribute to the great american inventor

Well. Today we lost one of the most creative, innovative, inventive, powerful leaders ever to influence pop culture.
I wanted to dedicate this post to Steve Jobs because he has touched all of our lives in some way, whether it was through an iPod, a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone, iTunes, or any of the other Apple projects he worked on in his life. He was a leader who got the job done. but he also changed the way people think of electronics, getting things done, communication, and the world. We are all connected in some way, and some of Steve Jobs inventions have helped to make those things come true. He is the only person who has influenced our tech culture this much ever.
And he was taken away by disease.
When you think about it,Steve Jobs has been a part of our lives for a long time. Everyday I use my iPad to play music while I do homework, and I listen to iTunes and my iPod almost everyday. I don't have a Macbook, but tons of people I know do, and I know they do at major universities and some colleges. He helped revolutionize computers way back in the 80s and 90s.
But most importantly, he was a dad. He had 4 kids. He was also a husband. And now he leaves behind his wife of 20 years and 4 kids. 4 kids lost their dad today, and one woman lost the love of her life.
And the world lost Steve Jobs.
His charisma and his ideas made us believe that we could do crazy things. Who would have thought we could store thousands of songs on a small device - no CDs or walkmans - and carry it around in your pocket? Or that we could have tablets that work just like computers - but better? He raised our standards for technology, and he connected the globe with his products. It's just so sad to see him go.
The world has saluted him appropriately through Facebook and Twitter, as well as comments on websites and actual websites changing their homepages for him. The "R.I.P Steve Jobs" Facebook page had 28,000 something likes when I checked a few hours ago. A few minutes ago that went up to 38,000, and now it's at 40,000 something. I literally refreshed the page every second for 10 seconds and the number went up at least 7 each time.
The world loves you, Steve Jobs. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace.

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