13 October 2011

a spark

Today I went to art and my teacher gave us the plywood for our project. She said we could get started if we were ready.
Usually I'm ready to start right away because usually I have a cool idea. But today I just sat there and did nothing. I couldn't even think of an idea. I had cycled through hundreds of ideas, but none of them were good enough. At all. Or they were not good enough to be a high-level art project.
So I finally came up with my idea. It was going to be a representation of the Morton Salt girl, and it was supposed to be a Pop Art inspired type of thing. In case you make your own salt from the ground or you just don't go outside, I have attached a
handy link with a picture of the salt girl.
So I grabbed an Exact-o and I started to cut out the shape so I could put it on the projector and see it all blown up huge on the wall. So once I did that, it looked OK, but I added some sick negative space that highlighted the girl, and not just the umbrella. So it turned out really cool, and I got really excited because when I put it on the projector, it looked really awesome.
Fireworks can't start without something to light it. That's the same with ideas. They can't be formed until you have a spark of inspiration. And sometimes you have to wait for that perfect spark to come. It's like riding a wave. You have to be patient and let it come to you.

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