10 October 2011

just because

So the other day I said that I was going to buy a plant for my AP bio teacher. And we did. On Saturday me and my dad and my siblings went to Home Depot (arguably my favorite store ever) and I picked out a very specific plant that would surely live in the environment of our classroom. So I picked out the plant, my sister pruned it while we waited in customer service for something else (long story) and I picked a nice little Asian-inspired pot to put it in. Then I spent a few hours making a little plant label thing (you know, that thing that sticks up out of the dirt so you know what it is) that was far better than the plastic one that came with it. Then I delivered it this morning to his room.
And he loved it so much.
You can't find many people who will get excited about plants. I mean, they're green and they don't move. This plant doesn't even smell nice. But I love it. It's the most perfect plant ever. And my teacher loved it too. He thought it was so cool and really nice of me to get it. And I get to give it a special spot in the room, since I got it.
A lot of people were giving me strange looks, probably because 1, it's weird to carry a foot-tall plant into school (I mean, who does that?) and 2, because it's even weirder to give your teacher a plant. But teachers are still people, and it was like a "just because" gift. And it doesn't really matter what the gift is, but if it's something special that you put thought into, there's meaning behind it.
And plus, it's fun to give people special gifts, even if there isn't an occasion. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

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