19 October 2011

sawing in the rain

So today I was working on my new project for art. And it was like 50 degrees and raining today, and the wind was blowing wildly. But when wood needs to be cut, it needs to be cut, and so I had to go outside on the balcony and cut for the two hours I was in art.
The good part is, my wrist didn't hurt because it was numb from the cold. It doesn't seem like it would be that cold, but it was extremely cold. Especially since yesterday was so hot.
But the cool part is that when I was in the supply room getting extension cords, my teacher asked me if it was ok if she submitted my paper sculpture to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. I was so excited! Especially an honor from her - she would only do that if she really thought you were good enough to do well in something like that.
So I was really chill and I said "Oh sure, I'll make sure it's ready by Friday", even though I was bubbling over with elation on the inside. You don't really want to blow your cool like that, so I kept it pretty low-key and carried the old extension cords out into the cold.
So I looked up the competition and apparently if you do well at the regional level you can qualify for the national level, and if you do well in that your stuff can be displayed in art galleries in NYC! And you get to go to Carnegie Hall to be congratulated!
So basically, it was really cool. Because I've never gotten an honor like that, and truthfully I don't think that I would have been able to get it. I guess she saw something in my sculpture and she thought it was good enough for a competition.
So I was really excited.
And now, I'll stop saying "so" so much because it's probably getting ridiculously annoying.
Well, I better go since I have some tests tomorrow. What would school be without tests?

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