27 October 2011

find your inner shakespeare

Shakespeare is to some people like Mount Everest. It's amazing and respected, especially by the native Sherpa, but it seems insurmountable. This is how most feel about Shakespeare. They think it's just too esoteric and cryptic for them to understand. But you know, once you get past the language, Shakespeare is so wonderful and perfect.
I spent about 4 hours today working on my newest project: a full-length Hamlet comic. I absolutely adore Hamlet so much. It is literally the most wonderful play. So far. We have only read to the start of Act 2. I like the characters, I like the setup of the conflict, and I like to reread it and make a comic version of it.

Shakespeare is like going to a really fun carnival with hamster balls. It's like a fun party that goes on all night long. Except for most people Shakespeare is tortorous, so it's funny that I like it. I guess it's like if someone handed me a sheet of paper and said, "hey, let's solve a bunch of physics problems and write some algorithms!" I would probably roll my eyes and sigh. Or have a panic attack. Or both. At once.
I'm in a fragment-sentence type of mood.
Shakespeare might not be your favorite thing in the world. Probably your second listing for a "my favorite things list", but maybe not first. Go find your Shakespeare. And you know that you love it if you can work on it for hours and it seems like the whole world melts away and it's just you and Shakespeare. Or your "Shakespeare substitute".
Dear everyone, spell check doesn't work and it's 1am. Ignore the probably glaringly obvious spelling mistakes.

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