16 October 2011

play outside

If you are ever feeling down, go outside. Especially if it's a good weather day. You might exacerbate your sadness if you go outside in a storm.
Outside has healing powers, I'm pretty sure of it. Just stand outside. Lie on the grass, or on a blanket on the grass. Don't even do anything, just sit there and enjoy it. Or you can bring everything outside and work outside. Either way it's utterly fabulous. If you just breathe in the air and feel the sun on your skin, you're bound to feel better, I can almost guarantee that.
Because I was feeling bored today. I would watch some TV, then I'd turn it off, then I'd walk around the house and do it again, and then I would turn on the TV, and it was just getting boring. So I took my ukulele outside and I worked on some Christmas songs. And it was just so perfect, I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to go outside when it was so nice everyday.
But you never know when it's going to be nice out, so take advantage of it! Well, we actually do know, because we have an entire field of science dedicated to weather predictions, but you know what I mean.

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