28 October 2011

there's hope yet

I don't have too many people who read this blog. Just a mere handful. And for the amount of words I type on this blog, sometimes I wish I was famous and that tons of people read my blog and I was a famous little teen. But living in obscurity is fun too.
But the other day when I posted on Facebook that I had reached 300 posts, a bunch of people read it. A girl in my math class said that she read it too, and that it opened her eyes. I was utterly enthused. Someone other than my immediate family was reading my blog! It was exciting. Because as big as the internet is, sometimes I feel like this is like a private journal that I can write in with no chance of having other people reading it. But it's great to know that I reach other people too. And perhaps I reach even more people that I don't know are reading.
Don't doubt your worth if you aren't sure people notice it or appreciate it. Sometimes it just takes people some time to come around.

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