14 October 2011

days of the week analysis and band practice

Friday can really be the best day of the week.
Here is why all of the other days cannot:

Saturday: it's almost as good as Friday, except the weekend is just getting started and work is still looming over your head like a sunken party decoration..time is dwindling..
Sunday: it's the day when we have to finish everything due for Monday.
Monday: it's Monday.
Tuesday: You've made it to Monday, but the stresses from Monday have already taken a toll on you and know you are backlogged on sleep.
Wednesday. It's the neither here nor there day. You've come as far as you have left to go. It's just one of those days.
Thursday: Alright, you've made it that far, but you still have one more day. So close, but still so far away.
Friday is absolutely the best day because you have been relieved from duties, and you don't have to do work because Monday is so darn far away that who cares! But this fantasy quickly fades, as we have seen in Sunday. And you get to sleep in! And the first morning of sleeping in is always better because it's the first, and it's always more refreshing the first time.
Now that you know my favorite day of the week is Friday, I'll tell you about it.
So after school me and my sister got out our instruments and started playing on the front lawn. We were working on a Christmas song, and I was on my ukulele and she was on flute. In the past we've done both of us on flute, since I also play flute, but it would sound more interesting and diverse with 2 instruments. Not like ukulele and flute exactly match.
Sitting there playing and reminiscing about band from middle school was just simple, pure fun. And playing together, figuring out what sounds best, and just relaxing was a plus too. I wish I had more time to play during the week, but I never do. However, it just makes it even more special when I do play.
The only way to enjoy these small moments, though, is to go out and pursue them. Do the things you like. Find other people to do them with you. Because nothing is more fun than doing things you like with people you like.

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