12 October 2011

a secret garden

I plugged it into the calculator, and I found out that I have only 20% left of the year to write. It's getting intense!
So today is national PSAT day, and the only people who don't take it are the seniors. So none of the seniors go to school in the morning, and some of them go back after the test. So today I went biking all over the town and I went to one of my favorite places ever: it's a nursery, like for plants, but it also has a huge gift shop-type thing and a cafe. It's really wonderful. And there is this cute little greenhouse room that no one goes in and it's secretive and fun. And they have relaxing piano music playing through the whole place, and that coupled with the water falling from the mini fountains created quite a nice ambiance.
Then I bought a milkshake at the cafe and I sat inside and just sipped. I wasn't reading anything or writing anything, I was just sitting and thinking and enjoying the moment.

I stayed for a while, until I had to go back to school, but I won't forget the fun morning, all by myself, that I had when I was there in that secret room, and in the gardens, enjoying the escape from my daily life and off into a special world by myself.

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