06 October 2011

operation waffle

Dear Everyone,
Sorry I didn't post yet again this week, I feel like such a lowly slacker. I am planning to write all the blog posts I put placeholders in for whatever reason, probably over Thanksgiving break.
But anyways, before I fell asleep last night, I was thinking about what I could write about. But it was just an average day, nothing really interesting had happened.
But then I remembered. And when you think hard, there's always something that made the day interesting.
When I was leaving the art room, there was a big group of people standing next to the vending machine all crouched down on the floor. A few people walking by said it was a group of guys making waffles. A lo and behold, it was true. Some kids in my grade brought a waffle maker, unplugged the vending machine, and plugged in their kitchen appliance. They even had Hungry Jack mix and some little folding chairs to sit while they cooked. Eventually, Operation Waffle was shut down by the counselor's secretary, but I got a picture, so it's all good.
So, days as a whole might be just average, but don't forget about the little things that made you chuckle.

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