30 September 2011

plaster flying to and fro

You know when there's a really nice day, and you're stuck in school and you can't go outside and enjoy it? Today was one of those days. It was so nice outside, no clouds at all, and it was 75 degrees and perfect.
So after school I decided to go outside and sand my plaster sculpture. First of all, little particles of plaster flying around the room would not be fun, and second of all, it was a nice day. And plaster flying around outside is so much more fun than having it fly around inside.
So I sat outside for hours, sanding away until my fingers hurt, enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. The wind would blow just perfectly, and sometimes a little too much and it would blow plaster everywhere, but that's OK. It was so serene and perfect. Sitting outside on a wonderful day, doing something I love to do. That's the life.

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