20 September 2011

for the sake of others

I only have 99 more posts, including this one, until my blog is competed. It seems like a sad thing to think about.
So I was reading Alice's blog again (the girl with terminal cancer and a bucket list) and she was talking about how she got an email from 2 people saying they already signed up to be bone marrow donors. She said she was so excited that they chose to do this, but not because it would save her own life. She knows that she cannot be saved, which is just so heartbreaking that I can't think about it. She's happy because other people will be helped and saved so that what happened to her doesn't have to happen to other people.
I can't even think of a person more selfless than her.
It's really inspiring to think that someone who is 15 years old can have this much wisdom about life. It's really amazing, and I commend her. She's inspired the world to make a difference, and maybe when I'm 18 I will join the registry for bone marrow donors.
The most amazing part is that she turned her suffering into an opportunity to raise awareness; she created an opportunity for life for so many other people.

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