18 September 2011

holistic thinking

Sometimes when you look at something close up, you can only see the small details, the tiny flaws, and most importantly, not the big picture.
Sure, details are important, but there are some things that are better when looked at when you step back a bit.
Like a giant chalk painting. The small parts are nice, but it's so much better when you step back and look at the whole thing. Or like the planet. Who doesn't like looking out the window at all of the little cars, green trees, and tiny ribbon-like highways from the crazy-high altitude?
But life is like that too. It's much better when you can take all of it for what it is, take in all the parts, mix them together, and get a great big beautiful picture. It;s like a small problem in life that seems really huge and glaring simply because it just happened and because we're probably looking at it like it's under a microscope, where everything is more amplified. But really, it's a small problem compared to larger problems, or to life in general.

So if you ever find yourself microscoping, just step back a few feet and enjoy the view.

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