14 September 2011

the hodge podge

We're now at 260, with only 105 more posts left. At least I think that's how many are left.
I've been a busy bee working on my art sculpture, so I'm happy to say that it's almost halfway done. Hooray for progress! But it has been getting there, and other than some minor paper ripping issues, which have since been rectified, everything is fine. Sometimes I pretend I'm on an art form of Project Runway and we're all competing against each other. It's really fun. I pretend I have a show going on in my head and it's really like a reality show. Except no one wins anything and no one gets eliminated. Everyone's a winner!
So sometimes I feel like I'm really lame because I really don't have much of a life and then I come to this blog and I have nothing fabulously interesting to write about. It's just because my creative juices have been poured into my art project, and extrapolating things from the world to write about can sometimes be hard. So I again apologize for my lameness.
But I want to say something else; I am trying to plan an Oxfam America Hunger Banquet to raise awareness about hunger in my school, but before that I am reading about it first and some background information on hunger. Basically, the world is divided into 3 income levels: high, middle, and low. High represents 15% of the world, which consumes 85-90% of the food, middle is 35%, and low is 50% of the world, and the last 2 categories share 10-15% of the food. These aren't exaggerations. And based on the world's data, "high income" includes a per capita sum of at least $12,000 a year. That's the salary of an office assistant in a relatively low position. Yet this is "high income". The interesting thing is, when we did this simulation exercise in Costa Rica near the border of Nicaragua, we had to cross the line based on what we considered our economic class to be. And most people crossed for middle, some lower, and one or two for high class. When the funny thing is, we're all way above high class.

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