12 September 2011

monday miracles

You know those surprises that are just so wonderfully great that you can't even believe they are true? Well I got one of those today. I'm going to call it my M cubed, which is short for Monday math miracle. So here's the story.
I was sitting in my math class and my teacher started to pass out our test grades. Not the tests, just the grades, and I knew it would be a disaster since it usually is, and I was afraid of what to do. Should I look away and shove it in my backpack? Or should I just face the facts and look at the page?
I chose the latter, and I was very shocked at what I saw. 95%! An A+! By Jove! as some say, I think, but I don't know what it means. I looked at it a few times because I didn't think that it was real. 95? But yes. It was completely real, and I was completely excited! How utterly wonderful.
I was so excited that I sang happy songs in my head and pranced all the way to the bus.
All these times when I never understood math or I was confused by it paid off in this moment of elation. Understanding was all I wanted. And by the Divine will, I got it. And then some.

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