19 September 2011

a random nondescript beat

You know that "If you had to be either blind or deaf, which would you pick?" question? Well I would completely say deaf, because I need my vision, my 20/220 vision (and getting worse!) because I love visual things. But the one thing that leaves this question still up in the air for me is music. Music is one of the best things ever, and if you're deaf, you obviously can't experience it. I mean, I guess you could play an instrument if you want, but the whole point is so you can hear it. It's like watching a movie without any sound or image. A tad bit on the pointless side.
I say this because I was listening to a happy song on the bus today, coming home from school, and it made me so overjoyed and beaming with happiness that I smiled the whole way home. I don't know if it was the music, the words, or the sunny weather, but something pertaining to the music made me really happy. In fact, any music you really like will always make you feel happy (or at least contented / satisfied); it doesn't have to be some sort of island ukulele happiness jam sesh. It could be metal or screamo (which I just learned of). Those wouldn't be my choices, but you know, to each her own. Or his.
I don't know what it is about music, but all I know is that like visual arts, we've been creating music since humanity started, and it's just been carrying through ever since. It's cool because it's language as well as art. And it makes me quite a happy camper.

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