17 September 2011


Sometimes nothing is the right thing to do.
Like today. I went outside because it was not 98 degrees for once, and I got out a blanket. Then I went on my back and watched the clouds go by. No phone, no iPad, no music, just me and the sky. I just sat, listening to the silence, watching white fog fold onto itself and drift away into the vastness of the sky.
I wasn't even deeply thinking about anything; I was just meditating on the grass, and it was so serene and beautiful, I just loved it.

And I guess I did need to calm down because my sister has a concussion from her hockey game. A kid on the other team thought it would be cool to give her a head injury because she's the only girl on the team. I really can't stand that. Just because she's a girl, and it's not "socially acceptable" for boys if girls play ice hockey, doesn't mean she can't play, and even better, than them. In fact, she's better than them because she has to deal with everything they dish out. Sexism is really ridiculous, and if you see anyone saying something sexist, or if you find yourself saying something sexist, stop. You don't know how badly it hurts. Same goes for stereotypes and judgments. I think we can all learn a lesson about judging people from this.

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