04 September 2011

more evil cnidarians and more fancy food

Some people get sunburned really bad. Some people get rashes. Some get colds and the flu. I get jellyfish stings.
Today I was trying to forget about what happened yesterday with the jellyfish and enjoy the waves today, but for some reason the jellyfish had other plans. My knee and my foot were already stung, so why not attack my stomach and my arm?
We might as well make our own vinegar spray.
But after that, and some more minor stings, we came back to the room and went out to one of my favorite places on the island. It's an Italian restaurant in the middle of a sketchy shopping center. It's one of those "diamonds in the ruff ", and the only way we found out about it is because we were just driving by a few years ago and we thought we would stop in. And we didn't think anything of it until we tasted the fabulous food.
And we got to go to the Salty Dog shirt store and walk around the pier and ocean which was a treat. It's really fun down there, and I'm glad we got to go. We actually saw a guy who dropped his keys into the water, and a few other people were helping him find them. It made me happy, but I wish we could have helped too.
I don't really know why I keep getting stung by jellyfish, but it's like a trade off; I still have a great day, even though I get stung. I just pray that they take a day off tomorrow. Or I'll add a part three to the evil cnidarians posts: I wonder which body part they will go for next..

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