02 September 2011

making lemonade

Hello from Hilton Head! One of my favorite beach vacation spots!
Unfortunately, given our bad luck with everything, the presidential suite we reserved was given away to some other folks who are now giddy and joyful in their happy little room. So after walking for an hour to different sub par rooms around the hotel, we finally got 2 rooms and they are going to try to get us the presidential suite.
SO after checking in at 10:30, we got to our room at midnight. So hopefully things will work out better.
Now is one of those times for a little cliche: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Turn something sour into something sweet. Even though this is completely absurd, we can turn it into something great. We still have a great ocean view, and the beach is waiting for us tomorrow. So instead of dwelling on what's going wrong, try to focus on the great things instead.
The glass is half full!

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