09 September 2011


Today I was sent to the principal's office because I am a delinquent.
Now that I've captured your attention, I actually went there because I'm in AP art, and we just got a new piece of art at school and the principal wanted all AP art kids to be there. I got a complimentary clicky pen.
It was the nurse's husband who took the photo that was blown up and framed and it's about 4 feet tall. It's a picture of our school with the flags for 9/11 out on the front lawn.
Every year, one of the families at school helps set up flags on the lawn - one for each life lost in 9/11 - and different clubs help do it; I have helped since freshman year, and it's a really great thing to do because it's giving back to not only my school, but the country.
And the picture was really nice too; it was an interesting angle, but it also had a great message. It showed that we as a country are resilient; we were hurt and damaged 10 years ago when we were attacked in New York, but today we remember what happened and who died but also who helped save lives and who lost family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. We put up the flags as a school to remember who left the earth before they should have on September 11.
I think that out of all the art in the school, this will be one of the most important. Because we helped to put those flags in the ground (I actually did help with them), and we are helping to rebuild the fabric of America and put back the pieces of a broken hearted country. And that's what makes the flags special.

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