01 September 2011

without words

The title of this post is also the title I gave to my essay, the one that I chopped in half, or probably more, for AP lit. Without words.
You can't write a blog without words, for one thing. But life can go on without words. It can be lived through actions, movements, gestures, colors, song, and all sorts of other things.
Who says that life can even be described with words?
Sometimes I have a great day, and I can't really even describe what I liked about it, but I know that I went to bed feeling happy and satisfied. Can words really show how we feel? Because emotions, while we have words that match up to them, are not tangible like words. And life is all about emotions and reactions. Intangible experiences and things that can only be felt, not described.
So sometimes a lack of words is OK. It just means you're experiencing life. Speechlessness is a sign of life's immeasurable boundaries.

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