26 September 2011

fortune cookies

The title of this post is not a creative metaphor for anything. We really did have fortune cookies. Today my parents went to get Chinese take out and so me and my sister opened the fortune cookies.
Mine said something like "a pleasant surprise is coming your way". What could this possibly mean? Well, it could mean nothing. But that's not as fun. It could mean that I really will get a pleasant surprise some day. Perhaps it could be an increase in SAT scores. Or it could be an A on a hard test. Or a better swimming time.
But sometimes when we want something, it might come to us, but in a different way. Like in The Monkey's Paw, a creepy story that should just be named "The idiot family who needed to learn the lesson 'be careful what you wish for'". So the family wishes for a bunch of things, one of which being 200 pounds (as in money) and they find out that their son was killed in a factory accident but that the factory owner wants to pay them 200 pounds. Yeah. I told you it was creepy.
So sometimes, if you wish for something, it might turn out differently than how you planned it. But that doesn't mean you won't get what you wished for; it also doesn't mean you'll get something dreadful. Just be open to the possibilities.

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