21 September 2011

good-humored vandalism

Who knew bathrooms could be so inspirational and uplifting?
I found this out today when I went in school. Instead of explicatives etched into the wall, there was a large section of the wall take up by a Sharpie statement: " Smile because you are beautiful.
It was simple, a little corny, but really sweet. I can't say I support vandalism, but things like that are really nice and thoughtful. There are way too many people who don't think they are pretty or good enough for a standard that society makes up. Even people I know, who appear self-confident, are going to the bathroom constantly to reapply makeup and fix their clothes or brush their hair. "Does my hair look okay?" and "Does this shirt look dumb?" are common questions asked by many people around me in school. While some people won't believe the sign and realize that they are beautiful, I thought it was great.
I also wanted to write a small eulogy to my sister's hamster. She was pretty old for her breed, and she died tonight of natural causes in her cage. She will be greatly missed by her owner, me, the rest of our family, and our cat, who loved to sit on the counter and watch her run on her wheel. She was a sweet hamster than lived every day like it was her last, including her last day.
The only problem with getting attached to things is you can't let them go.

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