03 September 2011

evil cnidarians and fancy food

While frolicking in the ocean, a swarm of jellyfish that I didn't really see chafed against my leg and my foot and stung my knee and foot. I've been stung probably 15 times before, but this one hurt a lot more. It covered all of my knee, a few inches above, a few inches below, and behind. In fact, I cried like a little infant as the lifeguard sprayed the vinegar solution on it from a leaky spray bottle. There were a whole bunch of bumps and white lumps and all sorts of other things that jellyfish do when they unleash their wrath. So now my foot hurts and so does my knee and the back of my knee. Stupid cnidarians.
But we did get to go to one of the most fabulous places ever for dinner. It's the hotel's restaurant, and my absolute favorite thing to get is the Tuscan Chicken Milanese with mashed potatoes that taste like clouds (though I've never tasted a cloud) and vegetables cut into long strings. It's rather fancy, and it's my favorite way to eat vegetables. And it comes with a lemon butter sauce, tiny little tomato diced pieces, and peas that tasted good. Except they weren't peas, they were capers. You can tell I'm a culinary connoisseur.
It's like a beautiful symphony of tastes in your mouth when you eat it. And we got to finish it off with none other than a molten chocolate lava cake. One for my sister, and one for the rest of the family. We like to be equal, of course.
But right before dinner, after we moved into our fancy fancy new room, I sat on the porch and played my ukulele as the ocean breeze came up to our balcony. It was completely perfect.
So sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. But that's what life's all about.

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