29 September 2011

settle, settle

This title of this post comes from the wise words of my AP lang teacher from last year. His signature phrase was used at least a dozen times during one class period, making it almost synonymous with his name.
So to make a long and dramatic story short, one of my club meetings today had gone awry when the president - of whom I'm not too fond - went berserk because of something silly and ridiculous that drove most of the people from the meeting out of the room because they felt so unwelcome.
But anyways, when me and some other officers were talking, we were saying that she really didn't have to make such a big deal about it and that it never turned out to be a problem; but ironically, the lack of problem and the big fuss about nothing created an even larger problem. Yay conflict!

So when you have a big issue, a small issue, or something that might be an issue, Don't turn it into a drama production. That's what soap operas and dramas are for.
And hopefully, this soap opera can have its season finale next week.

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