28 September 2011

frugal time spending

Whenever I go to bed, I always think "I remember doing this last night like it was an hour ago". That's how fast days can go by. And sometimes when the day's over, we think , "Oh, I didn't get to do this, awe shucks".
But swim practice seems like hours, even though it's only an hour and a half. It's because in swimming, your time is completely maximized. If you swim really fast, you can do 100m in about a minute. And a 500 (about 20 laps) in 5 or 6 minutes. Think of the things we normally do in 6 minutes - walk to class, wait for the computer to turn on, walk down the stairs and wait for the toast to pop up from the toaster.
We don't fit a lot into our minutes. We can fit in marginal tasks, but it's almost like saying "how much can you buy for a dollar?" Not much. How much can you get out of a minute? A lot, if you use your minutes wisely.
There will be days for doing nothing, sitting in a room taking a test or riding in a train across the country for a while or what not, and you can't use your time so well. But trying to fill it with valuable things is the best way to spend it.
I think a lot of people are more cognizant of the fact that money is finite and that you sort of have to save it. But people can't save time in their wallets because time is always going on. What you can do is put your time into things you like.
There's my short guide on being a frugal time spender. Obviously I don't spend my time that will all the time, so I want to try to fix that so that I can get the most out of my day. Perhaps a 2012 New Year's resolution?

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