06 September 2011

the chemist

Sometimes all it takes is a little sodium hydroxide and agar cubes to make someone happy.
We were doing a lab in AP bio today about cell surface area (it was a mini lab) and we had to place cubes made of agar into 200mL of sodium hydroxide. And then the agar cubes turn into a bright, lava lamp pink color, and it was magical. Being the only person at my lab group who had never been in chemistry, I was not aware of these magical properties and I was completely amazed. And afterwards, to measure the amount of the cube that was difused with the base, we had to cut the cube. And that was even better. It's like cutting a little jell-o piece. And it's addicting-ly fun. I don't know why cutting a chemical-drenched cube of agar with a plastic knife is so much fun, but it is.
Ad the funny thing is, I don't even know anything about chemistry at all.
I didn't have to know anything about it enjoy it. And it was so simple, yet it was so much fun. And by the end of it, our whole lab table was laughing and having a ton of fun. It's not really about what you're doing, it's about giving new things a try and enjoying a learning experience.
Who knew chemistry could be so fun?

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