08 April 2011

the big kahuna has come!

And now, in front of a live studio audience, the very first ever:

100th Blog Post Spectacular!

(brought to you by UltraClutch Hairspray)

Just to emphasize the importance of this day, here is a picture I made on my iPad on the plane this morning:

Happy, well, today! I needed a great name for this event, but Big Kahuna was really the only one I came up with. Sorry for the lack of preparation. In fact, today is somewhat important. Today is the last day for the Federal government to come up with a budget or else the government shuts down. It's also the day we came home from our trip. It's also the first time we've ever taken a morning flight into the ATL. A day of firsts for all of us!

Now, where shall I begin? Well, I really don't know. It's going to be a rambling type of blog.

Well, I actually rather busy because after one returns from a long journey, one has things to do, like unpacking and sorting out the affairs one left behind when one fled the state. Or one (I'm going to do a little shift in persona and move it to me) - I - leaves her affairs lying all over the bed and neglects them. Hopefully the pile will shrink. Knowing me, it won't.

Today I also decided that I am not going to become a psychologist or any sort of doctor because I will become too attached to the emotional factors of the situation to make any sort of rational decision about anything. So I now know that I will never be: (a) a mathematician or anything of the sort, (b) a doctor, or (c) a mortician. That's nasty business.

Also we got to get our precious cat back from the vets. He was there all week and I missed that precious puppy all week! Sorry for saying "all week" twice. It sounded pretty stupid.

I also studied for the SATs for like the first time ever. I got a cool study app (boy does that sound ridiculously nerdy) that has FREE PRACTICE TESTS. For one of those study crazy AP addicts like me, that's like a lottery win. I did a lot worse than I thought I would but I'll get better. At least I'm a pretty well rounded type so hopefully that's what Georgetown will see.

So you see, really my day was not very exciting. Yet it was the infamous 100th consecutive post. But...

there's always a "but".

... you don't have to wait for big occasions to make something happen. Some of the best times I've ever had were on random days whose dates I can't remember. It's like a prom (not that I would know about such things as prom). People expect so much of it, and sometimes they're disappointed. When a dinner at some place like Bertucci's with some cousins or friends could be so much better.

So the moral of the most grandiose of these posts (thus far) is don't wait for a big moment to make something happen; if you make something happen, you can make your own big moment.

Go shine.

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