06 April 2011

lions, tigers, and only one bear

This is the 100th post eve eve! Talk about crazy! We've only been here for four days, including today, but it seems like we've been here for a lot longer than that. Today was zoo day - we went to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park (? don't know about the name) and we saw pretty much every animal in the entire zoo. What was cool about the zoo was that half of it was inside, like the small mammals and stuff of that nature (ha! I pulled a pun on you!). I'll start at the beginning since that way I won't forget anything, I hope. So when you first walk in there is a sign that says "Zoo" which is fitting since it's a zoo. But it's mad eout of stone and you can sit inside the Os and take a cute picture. And being our DC touristy selves, we took one. It was actually pretty cute. After that, you turn right and you go into the Asian animals exhibit, which as a whole was my favorite. We saw this sloth bear - that's sloth bear, not sloth and bear - and we even got to see this feeding demonstration when the zookeepers talk about the animal. And they usually ask a lot of questions like "why does it have these teeth?" and "where are they normally located?" and my mom knew the answer to all of them. The other zoogoers were a little bit blown away by her knowledge. We meandered down this windy (not like "woah, my hat's blowing away" wind; I mean wind as in "this path winds around town in a circular fashion". Just for clarification.) path to the otters, which were asleep, and this cool fishing cat, which is ironic since cats don't really like water. He was pretty comical since he reminds my of my precious cat who I miss so dearly. After that we went to see the elephants that smelled pretty un-gorgeous and we went to lunch. They gave us reusable lunch boxes that were shaped like animals! Except we had to pay for mine because I'm technically not a kid. I'm in that awkward in between stage. After that we went to see the lions and the tigers (and bears - oh my!), except the tigers were asleep. Isn't that inconvenient? But the lions were really amazing. There were 2 lionesses, 7 cubs, and 1 dad lion. He was so cool. And he eevn let out one of those deep guttural roars. It was epic. Then we got to see the reptile house and the great apes house where the orangutan did something rather special that no one ever wanted to see. Then once we finished we had to walk back to the metro then back to the hotel. It was a long walk. My feet hurt even more than yesterday. But we got to go out to eat at the same restaurant where I got that ridiculously great lasagna. We went with my aunt - the one who came with us to all themonuements and stuff. Well, I'm really tired so I'm going to run to bed. And now: á bientôt!

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