29 April 2011

the review - in advance!

Sometimes I wonder what will happen when my blog ends. Will I miss it? Will I create another blog when this one has finished? Sometimes I wonder if my blog will turn into a book someday. I wonder if I will include every single post in it.
Well, I decided that today I will look back and review my blogs instead of tomorrow, because it feels like the end of the month and I think April should be over by now. So here are your hand-picked posts of the month:

war of minds
I write two types of blog posts - the ridiculous, satirical, sometimes cynical and often comical, and the deep and meaningful ones. This one is the latter. It's important to remember what we're fighting for. Because sometimes it's worth it and sometimes it's not.

banana pancakes
I had a lot of fun writing this post. It forced me to laugh at my predicament. And life is about facing the bumps with a smile, as Life is Good would say.

it takes all kinds
Another one of my historical reference posts. Sometimes we have to remember not the things we are most proud of, but the things we are least proud of.

the epiphany
A pivotal day in my mathematical career!

thank you, gatsby
This book really is great. Hence the "great" part in The Great Gatsby.

the big kahuna has come!
Well, you know the importance of this: the 100th! The centennial! The big kahuna! In fact, the actual big kahuna, the AP test, is coming on Friday. Madness.

spaghetti bolognese, frozen yogurt, and bowls of rice
I think a class should be required at school and it should be called The World: The Truth. It should be required. Not enough people care about the world as a whole. I asked someone if they ever wanted to do community service in another country and she said, "No, why would i want to help people I don't know?" I almost lost it. We have to help people because we are all people and we are helping humanity by helping others. And it feels good to help people because you have made someone happy. And that's where happiness comes from.

the sands are deeper than your troubles
Yet another historical blog from your very own me. This was about Normandy and the vile of sand from the beach in Normandy where my teacher went.

So that is the list. Have fun. Take care of yourself because you only get one you. Try something new. Help the world.

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