03 April 2011

première presidential post

We're moving closer and closer to the 100th post! This is getting a little crazy! This also marks the second out-of-state post (well, the second set). We're at the nation's capital right now, just a 5 minute walk away from the White House! Madness! We had a great day touring around the city. I have never felt so touristy in my life. I never felt like a tourist in Oxford, and I won't in Costa Rica either. But being a tourist is fun. Today was the do-everything-you-must-see-in-Washington-DC-day. We did all the monuments you could possibly see. First we saw teh White House (don't know if it was the front or the back). I couldn't even believe I was seeing it. Right there. And we walked down the road some more and came to the back (or was it the front?) of the White House. And in this garden you could see some tulips that formed the shape of a 1 (don't know why). Then we proceeded to the Washington Monument, and I wanetd to go inside but tickets are sold out all week. Bummer. Then we walked to the World War II memorial which is ridiculously amazing. Not only the acrhitecture, but the living history literally surrounding you. They also had all of the states on pillars and Georgia and Massachusetts were right next to each other. Ironic. After that we walked a long way to the Lincoln Memorial, where we saw some of my dad and mom's friends (they're from one of the colleges I like; also the one my parents went to). The memorial was incredible. It was so insane and I couldn't even believe that I was there. And the view of the Washington Memorial is even better from there. After that we went to the Korean and Vietnam War memorials. It was a little intense. Especially Vietnam. People were very quiet as they walked silently through the path lined with walls (in which were engraved the names of every single person who died in the war for our country). And we did all of this with my knowledgeable aunt who lives in DC (she used to live in Massachusetts, then Canada, and then India. Now here.). She's no stranger to the blogosphere and she is an avid reader of my Adventures blog. Our feet were realy tired, so we walked back. After we did that we went out to dinner with one of my dad's childhood friends and his family. It was really fun and we had dinner at this really great Italian restaurant. You can't go wrong with Italian, especially lasagna and gelato. That's the stuff. And we talked and laughed the night away as we feasted on Italian delecacies. Then it started raining as we left and we went back to the hotel, where we went to the pool with the nice color-changing hot tub. People ask me how I find time to blog. I really don't find time, because if I tried to find the time it wouldn't work. I have to make the time. My days are not 24 hours long, they are 23 hours and 15 minutes, because it takes approximately 45 minutes (sometimes a half and hour when I slack off) to blog. And if I set aside that time, I know that nothing can interfere with it. I force myself to blog. But I like to, so it's almost like forcing yourself to watch TV. Assuming you like TV. That's called will power. However, right now the only thing I can will myself to do is finish this post and vais au lit. Donc, I will see you all tomorrow. Indirectly, at least. PS- Blogger is tweakin' like mad so spell check's not working. Sorry for the typos.

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