11 April 2011

ice cream with the frenchies

Happy Best Monday ever! In addition to getting an A on my anatomy test (yes!) our whole French class went to get ice cream at this vintage ice cream place really close to our school. It's because the French exchange students are here and this is their first day at school. So we wanted to show them what we do in school - skip and go out for ice cream! I was so excited because I love that place and because it was really warm outside. We all walked there together and it was the best school day ever. I got to hve my favorite milkshake and everything was wonderful. And the funny part is my teacher wasn't even allowed to do that. We sort of snuck out. But really, high school is about memories. You don't want to walk away from it with no memories at all. Work hard, but have fun. I'm glad we got to do something like that, because good grades will carry you through college, but good memories will carry you through life.

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