17 April 2011

read articles to discover happiness

Happy people tend to live a long time, right? I have yet another example of someone who lived a simple life and a long one - the 114 year old man (actually, the world's oldest man - the world's oldest person was a woman of 122 years) whose tips I will share with you soon just recently passed away. However, he revealed in an interview some of the things he does that he believes helped him live such a long life. First, he said that it is important to "embrace change" because "every change is good." When we think about it at first, that sounds hard and ridiculous, but really it's true. Everything happens for a reason. And we can't stop it a lot of times, so we better just accept it. He also said service to others is great because "the more you do for others, the better shape you're in." And lastly he said that we all should work for as long as we can because "the money comes in handy" and because it keeps your mind awake and you don't lose your purpose. Staying busy is always the sign of a healthy person. Why would we want to live as long as we can? Because living is fun. And because life is a gift, and we want to get the most out of a gift. Also, this man lived to hear Civil War stories as a kid from someone who fought in it. He was a teenager in early modern America before the Great War. He was drafted to the war and he lived through the second war, the Civil Rights Movement, the decades to come, and today's day. He lived in a time when African Americans were not even considered citizens and he lived when an African American became president. He lived before the time of refrigerators and TVs and he lived to see the iPad, SmartPhones, and laptops. And that's cool. As an aside, I found a list of the most welcoming countries. Here they are, 1 being the top of the list: (1) Canada, (2) Bermuda, (3) South Africa, (4) the US, (5) Australia, (6) Spain, (7) France, (8) the UK, (9) Malaysia, and (10) Germany. I was surprised about number nine. So if you are considering moving to one of these countries, you're in luck!

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