04 April 2011

the day of advantageous ironies

Good evening mes amis. Right now I'm really tired but I will still come through because that's what I do. It was actually 85 degrees in the capital today even though it's not normally really warm this time of year. We were sweating. And that's not really what you want to feel when you're crammed in the back of a cab with more people than a car can hold. Today we visited the Capitol building and I took about a million pictures and then we saw the Supreme Court building. We also walked by the Library of Congress, but then we decided to go inside. Which was the best decision we made all week. I always thought the LOC was just a library with some random texts that no one knows about and only important politicians can go in there. I was wrong. It was a wonderful musebrary (museum and a library). And the architecture was the offspring of John Ruskin and the Romans. It also had a tinge of Ashmolean and Worcester Art Museum. It was just breathtaking. And it was sort of small, yet sort of bigger than I thought. It's difficult to explain. Anyways, so I got to see the library of Thomas Jefferson (eep! Not only is he my favorite president, but he's my favorite historical figure) and I got to see an original Gutenberg bible. Like a legit one. It was even in Latin. Hot off the presses (ha!) - actually it was printed 500 years ago, so now it's cold. It really is, they keep that display case in the 50s. After that, we went through the metro which was an experience for all of us, especially my kid brother and perhaps sister because they're not city kids like I was. The city is in my blood. But we got all confused in the ticket booth so this huge person who had yellow dreds and nails longer than my fingers came over to help us out. She seemed annoyed. Cityfolk get annoyed with us "farm families". So we took that to Dupont Circle where we went to CVS to get my sister some Zyrtec. We then proceeded to administer the 3 tablespoons of liquid foolishness in the middle of the street. As if we didn't stick out enough. Then we went to this really great pizza place and the waiters were so nice that I wanted to take them home with us. We were in a rush to get to Georgetown, because we were going on a tour and stuff. The cab we took there was pretty sketch. But Georgetown wasn't. We were late to the information session - no surprise there - and ironically I saw one of my friend/acquaintances from school. Which is really ironic because he's one of the only people I've ever known who doesn't want to go to college "in state". It was rather ironic. I have now officially decided that Georgetown is my new favorite college and that I am going to get in because I'm sort of awesome in some ways. Math is not one of those ways. But anyways, I don't know why I loved it so much - it was just that click and then I knew this was the place to be. Then we went out to dinner with some of my dad's friends, and ironically his wife went to GU (I'm getting tired of typing Georgetown so I'm just going to abbreviate) and she is an interviewer! I got all the inside deats. Now I'll ace it and I'll have it in the bag! Huzzah! Well, I'm pretty cashed so I'll report on the days findings tomorrow. Until then, keep it real.

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  1. I'm so glad you went into the LOC - it is an awesome place. The problem with DC is that there are so many awesome places to see.
    I thought your joke about the book being hot off the presses was pretty funny :)
    Hope today is good too (although it is super uckey rainy).
    -Aunt Alison