28 April 2011

late math teachers, surprise tests, and wisdom teeth (which will remain in my mouth)

Prepare yourself for a rant.
Today was a day of angst. Angst after angst after angst. That was probably the best sentence with assonance, like, ever.
Let's start with math. That's where it all begins. So this girl was telling me about how her bus never showed up at her house so she had to walk to school and how her boyfriend was fighting with her. And then my math teacher was being ridiculous and doing things we didn't remember from first semester. And when someone asked for help, he walked away. If you have an explanation, I'd like to hear it.
Then I hoped to find solace in Lang, but instead we had to take a 54-question AP practice test - reading passages, questions, bubble sheets, the whole shebang.
Anatomy, I think. Something good must happen in anatomy. But no. I fell asleep studying last night for the quiz, which evidently ended horribly and I did horrible on the practical and had to listen to another girl complain about how awful her grade on the practical was - by the way, it was a 94.
It must get better, you say. Don't want to be the bearing of bad news, but it doesn't. In yearbook we had sub. He was wondering where the "yearbook leader" was. There is no yearbook leader, pal. It's our teacher. Who's not here. That's why you're here. So he's walking around going "I need to speak to the yearbook leader!"
This is where the day takes a turn for the worse. I went to math to retake my test. We had planned this on Tuesday, but we had to reschedule. So today during lunch and flex (study hall is what they call it now..flex sounds better) I went to take the test. I got to his room at 12:30. he wasn't there. No surprise. I waited for about 5 minutes then I paced the hall looking for him. I looked on his desk for the test and it wasn't there. I went to the bathroom to waste time. 12:45. I started history studying. 1:00. Still not there. I had been in there for a half hour and he never came. I was going to punch someone.
Then at 1:05 he strolled in and asked how long I had been in there. I said sarcastically, "Oh, only 30 minutes." And he said "Oh, good, not too long."
I wanted to throw my book at him.
I had less than 15 minutes to take a test.
But surprisingly, I finished it because I knew it so well after seeing my competent, thoughtful tutor.
After that, I was so emotionally drained that I wanted to vent to my friend but instead we had to write essays in French (timed writing, of course) and take a grammar test. Perfect. And no time to relax in history because I had to give a speech for 20 minutes about the modern feminist movement. Not only do I have to discuss abortion, but homosexuals. Not at all awkward teenage topics.
And after this I got to escape and relax at none other than the dentist. The bane of my existence. I was so distraught I didn't want to get out of the car. And since we were "late" we had to wait 30 minutes and I sat on the floor.
Then a bunch of entirely too joyful nurses came over and asked if they could look at my teeth. No, you can't see my teeth. I just came here so you couldn't look at my teeth. Why else would I go to the dentist? Please people, let's get some brains.
Another lady talked about how her friend is going to Brazil - I said I'm going to Costa Rica - and how she bought Rosetta Stone to learn Portuguese and how it won't match the colloquial Portuguese they speak there and how they deliver Subway to your door in Brazil. I just nodded, laughed, and smiled. That's all you can do.
Then we had to do 2 rounds of x-rays and later a pregnant dentist came over and looked at my teeth. Then she talked in this code that I tried to decipher that went something like this: A-12 right B-9 48 31 5 left 1mm bite DE 63 seal--
But I knew that "seal" meant "sealant" and I was absolutely not doing that. I love when they say "they look great!" when you know everything they said was bad. But worse was the next question.
Have you had your wisdom teeth out?
Those words were like dams stopped the blood flow to my heart. I flopped in the chair. "Um, no."

She had a somewhat worried look. I was about to barf. No way would I ever have teeth extracted from my head. Been there, done that - 8 times.
Then the happy pregnant dentist came out and handed us a sheet with "recommended courses of action" for me. First were the sealants - I was right - then was the dreaded "go see an oral surgeon to discuss wisdom teeth extraction". And as an aside, I might want to have gm surgery. You know, when I'm not abroad or doing summer reading or taking the SAT, subject tests, or the ACT. Because that sounds like fun.
Basically, none of the above are happening. Ever.
So that is the extent of the day. But then something great happened.
I let go and enjoyed myself.
It's actually kind of stupid but I was lying on the floor and I pretended I was swimming. And then my sister videoed it and I looked incredibly ridiculous but it was the most fun I had had all day.
Bad days are often remedied with comedy. So if you have one, watch a stupid video on YouTube. Or read a funny book. Or just act ridiculous.
Have fun. Life's short.

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