20 April 2011

me time

Hello, readers. I have recovered from my fit. I feel much better and I hope that tonight won't be like last night - I was studying for anatomy and then I fell over and was too tired to get up so I fell asleep and when I woke up it was 4am and I went to my bed. Great story.
In a continuation of my "We Wear the Mask" post, I thought I would touch on something less personal. I was reading an article about a $100,000 baby nursery (a celebrity one of course) and then I saw a link to something about celebrity post-baby bodies. And there are hundreds of comments on each one - as if people had anything better to do - criticizing and picking out imperfections. In fact, most of the time these people looked perfect.
Everything that celebrities say is quoted, analyzed, pondered, mused. Everything they say is counted against them. Nothing they have is their own because they only have their public self. They wear the mask every day. But the difference is they don't get to take it off. They wish they could, but they cannot. We will judge them too much if they "take it off".
We sometimes wish we could be celebrities - live in fancy houses, drive fancy cars, have millions of dollars - but the immaterial gift of privacy ultimately prevails. I can wear the mask - but I can also take it off. Freedom is not free, but thankfully I have the freedom to choose for myself.

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