15 April 2011

make it happen

Good evening. Actually, good morning - it's past midnight. I was watching Project Runway, and it can get pretty intense in the end. I was just thinking while I watched the show that everything is a chance to do something great. It just depends on what you do with that chance. You can either grab for the next rock, or fall off the cliff. Every morning that you wake up without any real worries allows you to do what you want. It's up to you to take advantage of every moment - even the ones when you are bored or unoccupied. Think of something you can be making better. Think of something you can start. Something you can think about and turn about in your mind. Boredom is a gift - it gives you time to think about things without being bombarded with outside influences. If you have a chance to impress someone - do it. If you are in Paris and you only have a week, see as much as you can see. If you only have 24 hours to live, live it up. Life is too short to think about analyzing your next move. Sometimes, you need to follow your intuition and go for it. Make it happen.

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