09 April 2011

small slices of family

We're now entering a new phase of blogging. It's the triple digits. When I logged into Blogger today, it said "100 posts". I'm so happy. I never thought I would keep up with it like I am. I guess since I force myself to do it everyday it's become routine. Today I got a lot done actually. I went shopping with my mom, which is always a fun time because we always go to fun stores and have a great time. The weather was also really amazing too. It's about 85 degrees and sunny. Perfection has been reached. We also tried out this new restaurant and I had this strangely shaped pasta with meat sauce. It was hard to eat but very good. And I also went out to get frozen yogurt with my friend and we talked about spring break and other ridiculous things for a couple of hours. It was really great to talk to someone that wasn't my family because sometimes we get on each others nerves (we often do this. We actually regularly do this.); which is normal. It's important to distance yourself from the people you love every once in a while, or else you'll explode on each other. Sometimes families live too close to each other too much of the time and they will get bored of seeing each other and they will push each other's buttons just to relieve boredom. It's natural. But if you get away from the people you see everyday, you will learn to appreciate them. It's the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing. Also, here is an interesting article I found about sleep patterns. Click here to read it.

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