12 April 2011

playing the game

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are enjoying the week so far and that you aren't going to lose it before Friday comes. I found out something valuable today when I was talking to my friend during lunch. Except we don't go to the cafeteria because there are too many people, we just sit in the art hallway. But anyway, back to my story. So I was telling my friend about my college visits and my new favorite - Hoya! - and I told him that I saw someone from school there (that we both know) and how ironic it was. But he said it wasn't because this kid really loves the school. And my French teacher went there too. But what I didn't know was that she is a qualified alumni interviewer for this area. And the reason why he was so nice to her, that he would stay after class and help her, that he became president of the club she sponsored, was to get in a good word and secure a spot at his dream school. This was two years ago, and we don't have her anymore. But he still maintains the relations. When I was a freshman, I was just a naive little fool who thought everything was puppies and rainbows and A+s on every test. I have long since changed my ways. Not to say that I'm cynical and a failure, but I understand the game. I just came in a lot later into the game. What's the game? It's the somewhat sleazy, under-the-table, secret-alliance-formation game in which those who have devious minds, pretty good grades, and a lot of motivation can stomp all over the weak and go all the way to the top. I've never been like that. I never think that telling one of my best friends about one of my favorite schools (thus getting her interested) would hurt me - until it does. And I don't think twice about helping someone else out with their side of the debate - even if we're opponents. It's a sad type of niceness, and it can be a curse. But realizing that not all people are out there to feed all the hungry, clothe all the poor, and open their homes to the homeless will help you. Sometimes we can think the best of people, and we should. I naturally believe that humans are good people with good intentions (the majority, that is). But we can't let ourselves believe that people won't step on us if we show a weak spot. People will exploit our flaws, and that's reality. It's a little sad, but sometimes we have to play the game to understand the game. It's like when you get in a car accident because someone else messed up, and you were driving perfectly fine.

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  1. Don't stress out too much about it girl. Sometimes those folks that spend so much time "playing the game" and up doing poor work because they don't think that it matters but in the end it does. People will remember people that are nice and honest (like you) :)