09 February 2011

the anonymous mail carrier of happiness

Today when I went to school I was surprised when my friend asked me, "have you seen the post-it notes around school?" I had not seen these post-its. I was too busy sitting in a corner, studying, that I did not get up to see the notes.
I later learned that someone, anonymous, had placed different colored post-it notes all over lockers, walls, and in the bathroom on the mirrors saying things like "Smile!" and "You're Beautiful". I had heard that other schools had done that before, but these were only stories. I didn't think that people actually did that.
So I went into the bathroom and saw for myself. Other people took the notes and smiled, and carried them in their bags. But most people were skeptical, asking questions and saying things like "What club is this for?" and "I bet it was for a service project." Maybe that person was doing it for a reason, but maybe that reason was just to see other people happy.
Sometimes we are way too caught up in the angst-ness of our own lives. Sometimes we become estranged by school and alienated by our peers and society. but those sweet notes made me really happy. Someone was smart enough to step back and look at life from a big hill rather than through a microscope. Someone did something nice for a bunch of people he or she probably didn't even know.
I think that we are too focused in on ourselves, our lives, our friends, and the people and events that directly touch our lives. But whoever put out those sweet notes didn't put them out for just his or her friends, he/she put them out for the whole school.
Thank you, anonymous mail carrier of happiness. You give me hope for the future of the world.

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