16 February 2011

mission: bring home the bots

I have a really great story to tell you all today. I actually was pretty upset about it, and I thought about how nothing happy happened today, but happy endings prevailed and I got a miracle.
Let's skip math, because it wasn't all that pleasing today, and move to AP Lang. The doctor is out, he has bronchitis. Poor chap. So we accomplished nothing then, and the same happened in anatomy. In yearbook, I googled carpel tunnel syndrome, because I'm pretty sure I have it (noticed the blogs getting shorter? It hurts to type, that's why. I'll make an ergonomic keyboard that you can move around to fit your needs. That's how I'll get out of having a real job.) French was, you know, nothing, as usual. We are starting to call it free period, because of the copious amounts of things we do.
Here is when disaster struck - it was the end of French and I was pulling out a sheet of paper so I could take notes in history. Mostly it was for my friend who has a sinus infection. Normally I take my notes on the packets he gives us, but only I can follow my notes. I wanted to take neat ones. So I got out my robot folder - or at least I tried, but it was not there. I didn't freak out at once. I might not have brought it to school. But then I had a flashback of this morning, when I shoved my bad math quiz into my folder. In AP lang. I had brought it to school, but it wasn't there.
You might not understand how important this folder is. It has every important school paper in it and every trivial school paper in it, as well as the Doodle 4 Google picture I had been working on for months. Well, more like 1 month. But I could never duplicate that. I almost cried. It was gone.
I raced back to his room, but the sub was there. She said a girl recognized the drawing and took it for me so it wouldn't get lost. I felt a little better because I know this girl would have done that for me.
The rest of the day I sat there is a half-lucid state, wondering where my folder was. I was trying to get a hold of my friend, who had this girl's number, but she couldn't text in the class she was in. I was a wreck. A train wreck. I called her 8 times after school got out, and I was freaking out. No folder.
I finally called the girl who took it, and she said she didn't have it. My heart almost dropped out of its casing in between my lungs, and fell out into my stomach. I cried a little. It was gone. My beautiful masterpiece, gone. My folder, gone.
I sent out a mass text to everyone telling them of the tragedy. I got tons of replies, and my friends walked all the way out to the portable classes to check. I was so lucky that I have people that would do that.
When we got home, I asked my mom to take me back to school. One of the police officers at school took us on a bumpy hold-on-for-your-life ride in his golf cart-ish vehicle, down to the portables. Luckily it was open, but he had the key. My folder was there.
A wave of relief knocked me down. I fond the folder! The robots were back! Everything was in there. Safe and sound.
But the great thing was that everyone helped me out, and that made me really happy. My friends gave me other people's numbers to find the person who had supposedly taken it, my mom drove me back, the officer drove us down, and even the attendance office lady suggested ways to find it. All so I could find those robots.
It's so nice to know that amidst the horrors in the world, there are wonderful people who will do anything for you - even for the robots.

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