11 February 2011

la vie en luxe

Testing, testing..All good! This will be my first out-of-state post, and honestly I was a little neurotic about it because I wasn't sure if I would have the WiFi to do it. But luckily I have it, so greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina!
I have to get used to this computer because it's my dad's and it's a little bit different from mine. You don't normally notice these nuances, but that's OK because I'm sitting in the swankiest hotel I have ever seen. Ever.
Here's how it works. We live 4 hours from here. We usually stay in the Marriott because my dad stays there so often he gets free nights. But the best part is that Marriott bought out the Ritz-Carlton and now we get to stay there! Eeep and a half!
It is literally amazing. You know it is when you walk into the lobby at the last hour of the day and live singers are in there. And there is a bar. A swanky one. And we are on the 15th floor. And when we walked into the room, we were greeted with homemade cookies, still water in glass containers, glass cups with ice, and a note. And the bathroom - oh, the bathroom. Words cannot describe it, but passionate violin music was running through my head. There was not only and over-sized tub, but an amazing shower, lined with flagstone, and wait for it - a TV on the mirror. Yes. On the mirror. You can't believe it? Me neither.

There is a sound machine by the beds. Everything is free. Well, sort of not really. This goes without saying, but there's a flat screen, a huge window overlooking the street life, and well, the beds.
Sometimes you just have to go away from everything and live in a fantasy land of wonders and luxuries. And it feels especially good after a long week of work. So go to your nearest swanky hotel, check in for a few days and just do whatever you want to do. Sleep whenever you want to, sing ridiculous songs, and eat fancy fruits.
La vie luxeuse..ah, c'est bonne.
Life is [really] good.

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