07 February 2011

wallow in your success

There is only one thing that you can do when something amazing happens. Celebrate!!
I never normally type two exclamation marks, because it's a little tacky, but that random interjection most certainly warranted it.
On Friday, I think I said I took an anatomy test. It was about the endocrine system. By now you probably know where I'm taking this. Anyway, so in class we grade our tests ourselves as we go over them. And no matter how hard I study, I always get a B. A high B or a low B, it didn't matter. The average was around 85. Which is really annoying. Because I probably knew more than 85% of the information.
But when we graded the tests today, it was different. I only took off 7 whole points. On the whole test. I finally got an A on an anatomy test! That's almost as good as getting a Nobel Prize in physics!
Even though it wasn't a 100, which I had hoped for, because I was pretty sure I knew 99% of the endocrine system (I would rely on luck for the last point), I got a 93%. It wasn't perfect, but all that hard work paid off.
It's important that you celebrate these things because they are some of the most defining moments in your lives. This one girl in the yearbook said that her one defining moment (so far) is when she got a 100 on an AP Chemistry test.
These things may be little, but they are very important things. We can't let them go away and move on. Sometimes little things need a little attention. Maybe we should have less holiday parties and graduation parties, and start having parties for the small things. However that might be a little un-feasible to have a party every time something goes right.
Either way, be proud of your achievements. Doing well makes people feel good about themselves. You should celebrate your good doings and share with the world.
So go ahead and get wallowin'!

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