13 February 2011

beware the greed fever

I once alluded to a Spongebob episode, as I often do, about getting back to the old grind. I think it might have been in my old blog, but maybe not. Anyways, today concludes our short but fun vacation. Yes, we left the luxury and came back home.
It was rather depressing.
This was not only the fanciest hotel in the world (well, that I've been to), but it was the most relaxing vacation ever too. Sometimes when you do a Disney thing for a week, and have a strict regiment of things to do, including restaurants, parades, which rides are open when, and pool time, you need a vacation after your vacation. Sometimes this is the case with beach vacations. We are hanging in the sun for so long and riding the waves that you actually get pretty tired.
But I didn't need a vacation after this one. Which made it pretty great.
No one enjoys leaving their vacations (unless they were really horrible, like you got caught in a hurricane and were stranded in your hotel for a week - remember, wifi connection is lost). A lot of people get depressed after coming home from their vacations - back to their drabness, less awesome, unappealing lifestyle. After all, my bathroom does not have a TV on the mirror, nor do we live on the 15th floor of a huge city building with a great view.
But we do get to come home to something great. When we pulled up, the weather was fabulous and we played outside on the trampoline for a while. And then we had a great dinner, watched Toy Story, and were reminded of how much homework we had to do. Other than the homework part, we had a lot to look forward to. And even though I'm not going to the Ritz tomorrow, I will be going to school, and I will be able to see all my friends and the weather will be 63°! On Valentine's Day! In the middle of winter! Pretty good deal, I must say.
Some people might go on a vacation and come back to a bad job, a life of no hope, and hard work. And while we do work hard, we have a lot of things most people don't have. A great home, great family, great friends and lots of fun things. And of course, we have a government that does not oppress us, we are free to think what we want to, and we do not live in a war-torn, poverty-stricken, or famished country. Many of these things people think of as human rights, but many people don't have them.
We should all realize what we have in relation to other people. And sometimes it's hard to do that because we can't fathom it. So I want to show you something.
I read a few years ago in National Geographic about a man who went around the world taking pictures of people with everything they owned in the picture. Most of these people can fit everything they own in the picture. A few furniture items, some food, some clothes, and themselves. Here is a link to NPR, which did a report on the photographer's pictures.
He led some others to do similar research. It's interesting to see how some of these people have so little and want nothing more and how some people have so much and want more.
So in conjunction with my last post, remember what you have, forget about what you don't have. Don't catch the greed fever, and live simply.

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