02 February 2011

hold onto tomorrow

Every quest has peaks and valleys. Even a quest for happiness.
Today is my dad's birthday, which is a very special day indeed. However it was not the most wonderful of days. If you're reading this Dad, I'm sorry this was a bad birthday.
I wish it had been a better day but it hadn't. It was an utterly upset, anguishing day. And to tell you the truth I had nothing really positive to write about. And I made a pact with myself not to pretend that I was feeling fabulous when I really wasn't.
Sometimes everything seems to run against you, nothing seems to go right, and the end of the universe seems near.
But it's not.
I remembered the words of the youngest trapped Chilean miner like a burning scar: "After the bad comes the good." And his bad was a lot worse than me. His bad could have taken his life any day.
But then good came to the rescue.
While it is great to feel happy, optimistic, and hopeful, sometimes we find it hard to do, and our souls are filled with sadness, contempt, angst, and hopelessness. And when we feel this way, we have to wit for it to pass, and hold onto tomorrow.
There is something about the idea of tomorrow that gives me a new hope. Perhaps it's because tomorrow is not today, and therefore the thoughts from the previous day can be finished and never thought of again. Maybe tomorrow is what we need, and will always need, to feel a sense of hope in really tough times.
Don't let yourself go when you are at a dead end and you feel lost. Just wait for the storm clouds to pass. Sunshine always follows a storm.
My history teacher said that most people live in the present and the immediate past. We are thinking of the things that are happening presently, which also includes the immediate future, which is difficult to tell apart from the present. And we also live in the past, reflecting on things that have happened throughout the day. But it is important, especially in times of despair, to look into the future and think that if bad is here, then good will come tomorrow.
Don't lose hope. Hold onto tomorrow.

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