15 February 2011

a happy duck

Happy post-Valentine's [or singles awareness] day! Today was just one of those days when everything went as it should and all was well. For the most part.
Other than probably failing my math quiz, we had no teacher second period, a sub for fourth, and a really great sub for sixth. But most importantly, today was the day when we got a Valentine's day gift.
My mom always buys us a special present on Valentine's day, but we opened them today. I had no idea what mine would be, but it was in a pretty big box. I really did not know what it was. A shirt? A jacket? Only time would tell.

I just lost my train of thought for a second; my eye got this weird itch in it and I had to attend to it. Now that that's over..where was I..
Oh yes, the gifts. So I started to open the box and I saw the word "waterproof". I almost had a heart attack. Well now, since we're studying the heart, I have to call it a myocardial infarction. Anyways, it was a pair of Sporto duck shoes (the half rain boots, half shoes) - in my absolute favorite color besides yellow: green. bright green half rain boots. I had wanted them for so long and I was so excited I couldn't even believe I was now in possession of them.
I almost cried. I teared a little. I tried them on immediately, and they fit with perfection. They were utterly perfect.
But, as they always say - and yes, I'm going to pull a cliché on you all - it's the thought that counts. I was just so happy that my mom remembered that I loved those shoes so much and she went to that big effort of finding them, even though they were almost sold out completely.
So next time you have to buy a present for someone, think of the actual thought behind the present. Like one time, my nana got me a small Smart Fortwo Coupe mini model (you know, Smart cars - the little cute ones that the Europeans drive?). Well I'm really obsessed with those cars, and it was one of the most thoughtful gifts. Even better than some of the most expensive things that I have received.
Tomorrow, if you are looking for me, check for my little green shoes. I love them so much I might even wear them to bed. I'm a happy duck!

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