19 February 2011

mailbox painting

I call this post what I call it because it is a very random thought, and this post is all about random thoughts. Just to let you know.

I love wonderful weather. I makes everything so much better.
So before I start on that, this morning, even though I normally don't go to swimming on Saturdays, I went. It's sort of early in the morning - 9am - and I usually just go during the week. But this morning I went, and it always makes me feel great. And then I came home and it was only 11am. Oh, the things one can accomplish!
When you actually do things, instead of wasting time, you time is used completely. You know how we only use 10% of our lungs? What is we used all of it? Imagine the breathing we could do. If we tried, we could go longer without breathing. In this case, if we try, we can use every second and make it count towards something really worthwhile. Like swimming. When you swim, every single second and fraction of a second counts as something really important. But when you are waiting for a bus to come or for a Internet to load, you are wasting those seconds. You don't have to fill every second, but when you feel like you are wasting time or your life, think of something really good to do. Here is how you can tell: if you think back on your week and cannot remember an event, a concrete event with some vivid detail, you either have bad short term memory or you were not doing anything of true importance to warrant any memories.
Now I'll start on something else.
I want to learn how to speak a couple more languages before college. You know, for the college application. The fine folks at the admissions offices likes when students teach themselves languages. it's a sign of motivation and Type A personality. I'm working on Italian. So here are some Italian words I found in my dictionary:
il bagnoschiuma - a bubble bath (wish I had one right now)
il frutteto - an orchard (like with fruits and stuff)
il latte scremato - skim milk (... no need to explain)
Try making a sentence will all of those words! I not only enrich your life with optimistic insight, but I supply you with a daily mental puzzle.
So the reason that I called this blog post "mailbox painting" was not just for the random factor. It was because I actually painted a mailbox today. It turned out really nice. All shiny and new; it was great. I also did a lamppost. If you know someone who needs their outdoor items painted, you know where to hire!
My final comment: I heard something interesting from my AP lang teacher. He is always full of insight. So anyways, we were reading The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot. And we got talking about being depressed. And my teacher said that often, people who know too much about the world (people who are too worldly and thus intelligent) are more often disappointed and depressed than the ignorant. So sometimes, enjoy a little ignorance. Sometimes I guess it's better not to know certain things, because it might go in your favor.
I hope this post was not too difficult to follow.
Now I am sufficiently fired. Have a nice 25 minutes left of your Saturday!

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