18 February 2011

what life is

Sometimes it takes big things to make us look at the small things in a new way.
I read this really inspirational story on CNN, and even though it's a little awkward when you read it, it's a really touching story.
It was about a CNN reporter who took on a rather daunting task when he least expected it. So this CNN reporter had a wife, and she was pregnant. And basically, for some reason, she started delivering her baby immediately, with no warning signs at all. So pretty much, he had to help deliver his son by himself. Well, he did have his half-conscious wife and a 911 operator to give him directions. But by this point, if I hadn't already passed out, I would have been screaming and freaking out. But this guy didn't do that. Instead he followed all the orders of the 911 operator, and he delivered his son. but there were some complications in addition to having to do this at his house one random day. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his son's neck about 5 times. And when the baby came out, he wasn't breathing. His eyes were closed, and the reporter was sure he was not even alive.
But then - the eyes opened. He opened his mouth and he started to breathe. The baby was alive. his father rescued him, and his wife, and he did it alone.
The paramedics came to make sure the situation was under control, but by then the chaos was over. The baby boy was safe and healthy.
When we think of parenting, a lot of times we think of the mother. It has traditionally - since the beginning of time - been the mother's job to care for children. After all she is the one who plays the biggest role in children, and men often fall behind in this duty. But this man stepped up and did something he probably never thought he would have to do. And now he has a very unusual and special connection to his son.
I know that way back when in the times of the Byzantines and the Egyptians and such, there were no hospitals or even 911 operators, so helping deliver a baby was seen as such a crazy thing only meant for certain chosen individuals. But in our society, we have our places. I go to school. Adults go to work. Certain people do certain jobs. And that is it. But this reporter, who is in charge of getting news, made news himself when he took on a completely different version of himself.
He said that the experience made him feel like he was a more active member in his son's life. It made him appreciate life more. It made him appreciate the whole idea of a child being born. It made life seem much more delicate and beautiful.
We don't have to aid someone in this process, but learning to appreciate life as something not to be lived but something to live for is the real message.
Every breath, every second, every beat of the heart counts. Make your worthwhile.

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