03 February 2011

enjoy the ride

Thank you for the nice things many of you said to me to make me feel better. It's reassuring to have great friends and loving family members.
Today was a great day. Nothing can really describe it though, because nothing really important happened today. I guess nothing went wrong, so it was a pretty good day. Laughs with my friends, fun stuff in school (as fun as it gets), and overall a smooth-running day. Those are always nice.
But late;y, I have been feeling much like Huckleberry Finn: "All I wanted was to go somewheres; all I wanted was change, I warn't particular." I have been waiting for something to happen. For money to fall out of the sky. To go travel around the world. For something really extraordinary to happen.
What am I even talking about? Money is probably not going to tumble from the stratosphere into our little Miltonville. I am probably not going to wake up tomorrow morning, pack my bags, and go travel around the world. And something extraordinary is probably not going to happen right now.
And as all these days pass, all I am losing is time. I might be waiting for an adventure to come, but it isn't. I might be hoping for something to happen, a change of pace, but it isn't. So while I am waiting for the world to change, the grass to grow, and the sun to rise, I am wasting my time. And these are the days that build memories. Days in school with friends. Everyone studying for a test together. Laughing at stupid jokes that teachers tell. Watching Mary Poppins on an iPad in yearbook.
These are the things that make memories. And if I sit and ignore it all, waiting for my adventure, I will miss the most important part - the journey. When I think back, I will remember the fun times in school and school memories, not the times I was sitting around and waiting for a change of pace.
Don't let your boredom and humdrum-ness get you down. Enjoy the nuances in each day. Laugh at the simple things in your days. Unless of course you are walking down the street and a car splashes muddy water all over you after it rains. Then maybe you wouldn't laugh.
You might not be riding in a Prius or a Mercedes. Maybe you're driving a station-wagon from the '90s (or better yet the '80s). But enjoy the ride.

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