10 February 2011

hold your horses

This morning was exciting because we got to take the scenic route to school - snow covered the ground! But it melted after school was over anyways. But it was still nice to see this nice serene backdrop on the way to school.
After school I had a meeting for humane society at my school. I'm the secretary. And today we had a guest speaker. We normally do - someone from a dog rescue came one time and brought 2 dogs, a policeman came with his dog, and dog trainer Victoria Stilwell is going to come some time soon (from It's Me or the Dog on Animal Planet!). It's a nice way for us to connect with other people instead of just talking amongst ourselves about nothing.
So today's speaker was a woman who ran a therapeutic horseback riding place. She was the mother of a ninth grader and she had been working in the business for years. She sees over twenty clients, and some of them come everyday. She has children as well as adults. Some of them have muscular deficiencies, others have autism and other mental disabilities. Some have even just had really horrible accidents and need some good physical therapy. She explained how good this is, and how in some cases it's even better than physical therapy. She said that it is mentally liberating for people confined to wheelchairs and that it is socially good for people who do not interact well with people. She said that, obviously, it is very good for your body, especially when some physically disabled people cannot work their back muscles and leg muscles.
She explained how the volunteers have to help support the person while they are on the horse and that it is a lot of work. But she said it is the most rewarding job ever. She gets to help other people every day and work with horses. Some of these people came in not knowing how to walk and come out being able to stand on their own.
She inspired me to do something like that. She said that she was short on volunteers, so I will definitely go and try it. Find something that inspires you to make a difference. And go out there and change the world!

Chaqu'un a une vie. Chaqu'un peut fair n'importe quoi avec sa vie. Tu serais la solution. Tu as la pouvoir de changer le monde.

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